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World Cup 2022 update explained

EA Sports has unveiled the new World Cup 2022 update, coming to FIFA 23 on November 9.

Prior to the game’s release, it was confirmed that there would be further updates on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the 2023 Women’s World Cup to be played in Australia and New Zealand next summer.

With the first just a few weeks away, EA Sports has confirmed the new updates coming to FIFA 23.

Online tournament mode allows fans to play as one of 32 qualifying nations and compete for online glory.

Players compete in the knockout rounds of the tournament in their quest for global glory.

EA Sports will update the World Cup progress in real time for players between November 21 and December 18 so they can play with authentic matches and results.

Player injuries are also taken into account to ensure the experience is as authentic as possible.

As a single-player mode, Your FIFA World Cup includes all of each team’s real-world progress, including in-game stats and past results, allowing players to take matters into their own hands.

You can start with the first game of the tournament or at a later point in the tournament.

Launch of new campaigns in FUT between November 11 and December 23.

Live player items will be revealed, receiving upgrades based on real-world performances, much like a Ones to Watch card.

During the World Cup Road to Glory event, which runs from November 11 to 23, 30 new World Cup hero cards with completely new designs will be released for FUT.

The top players in the group stage will receive a new Phenom card until the Quarterfinals.

An authentic recreation of the World Cup will be available in offline mode where fans can play as any of the 32 teams and try to win the World Cup.

The tournament is fully customizable offline, which means groups can be changed and teams that did not make it to the tournament can be added.

Rajesh Kumar Kushwaha
Rajesh Kumar Kushwaha
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