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Wilko Johnson dies at 75 after battle with pancreatic cancer

Rocker Dr. Feelgood and Game of Thrones star Wilko Johnson has died at the age of 75 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Johnson received a terminal diagnosis in 2013 and was told he had 10 months to live after he decided against chemotherapy.

However, he defied the odds and two years later declared cancer free after doctors removed a 3kg tumor in an 11-hour operation.

In a statement on his Twitter account on Wednesday, it was revealed that the star passed away at his home on Monday. His cause of death is unknown.

The tweet read: “This is the announcement we never meant to make, and we make it with a very heavy heart: Wilko Johnson has died.”

‘He passed away at home on Monday, November 21. Thank you for respecting the family’s privacy at this sad time. RIP Wilko Johnson.

Fans immediately rushed to pay tribute to the legendary rocker, with RIP Wilko trending on Twitter within minutes of the announcement.

In 2013, Johnson revealed that he had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, but vowed to keep his touring commitments and continue playing for as long as he could.

His manager Robert Hoy said at the time: “He said he wants to make the most of the time he has left, playing and partying when he can.”

“He is currently in good spirits and is not yet suffering from any physical effects and can look forward to at least another few months of reasonable health and activity.”

As Seen On Screen: Johnson played a mute executioner on Game Of Thrones (HBO series pictured with Sophie Turner)

In 2017, Johnson opened up about defying the odds, revealing that her terminal diagnosis had given her a different perspective on life.

‘That year thinking that my life had come to an end was one of the best years of my life.

“The way I handled it was to always understand, ‘Yes, I’m going to die,’ but you don’t sit there wishing you didn’t die because we’re all going to die.” I never felt self-pity. I never cried in all that time…

‘Looking at thousands and thousands of people [at Fuji Rock in Japan] and everyone knows you’re going to die… oh man. I’m going to die, but it’s okay. how tall

He added: “It’s hard to know that there are people suffering from cancer who don’t survive, and then me.”

Johnson was known for his unique, choppy guitar style, having learned to play right-handed, despite being left-handed.

He played and wrote with Dr. Feelgood in the mid-1970s, on albums such as Down by the Jetty, Malpractice, Stupidity, and Sneakin’ Suspicion.

After founding the band Solid Senders in 1977, he joined Ian Dury’s The Blockheads in 1980.

He then went on to play a mute executioner on Game Of Thrones.

Tributes: Fans immediately rushed to pay tribute to the legendary rocker, with RIP Wilko trending on Twitter within minutes of the announcement.

Paul Weller, 64, was inspired by the musician, once saying, “Wilko may not be as famous as other guitarists, but he’s up there.”

And there are many people who will say the same. I can hear Wilko in many places. It is a legacy.

Johnson, who lives in his home county of Essex, was left a widower when his wife Irene lost her battle with cancer in 2004. The couple are survived by their son Simon.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease, and about 95 percent of people who get it die from it.

Joan Crawford, Patrick Swayze, and Luciano Pavarotti all died of pancreatic cancer.

It is the sixth most common cause of cancer death in the UK: around 10,000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year in the UK, along with around 55,000 in the US.


It is caused by the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the pancreas, a large gland in the digestive system.


Most cases (90 percent) are in people older than 55 years.

About half of all new cases occur in people age 75 and older.

One in 10 cases is attributed to genetics.

Other possible causes include age, smoking, and other health conditions, including diabetes.


There is no screening method for pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer usually shows no symptoms in the early stages, when it would be more manageable.

Victims tend to start developing the telltale signs (jaundice and abdominal pain) around stage 3 or 4, when it has likely already spread to other organs.


The only effective treatment is removal of the pancreas.

This is largely ineffective for those whose cancer has spread to other organs.

In those cases, palliative care is recommended to ease your pain at the end of your life.


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