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What are the common turnoffs for women? Dating expert Louanne Ward reveals a unique trait in men

A prominent Australian matchmaker and dating coach has revealed the common trait that she instantly ‘rejects women’.

Louanne Ward, from Perth, says women don’t want to date men who are always ‘playing the victim’ and encourages singles to communicate properly and be ‘vulnerable’ with each other.

“There’s a big difference between being vulnerable, sharing some of your heart, and playing the victim,” the matchmaker said in an Instagram video.

The term ‘playing the victim’ is used when someone presents themselves as innocent and abused in a situation rather than taking responsibility.

He repels all women on a subconscious level. Your woman needs a protector… a provider… a man. By playing the victim you are communicating that you are not strong enough to be the man she needs,” she said.

When dating and meeting someone, Louanne said that a woman will be instantly put off by a man who doesn’t open up or share her feelings.

‘She doesn’t need to hear about all your past pain and trauma over and over again. What she needs to know is who you are,” he said.

Be open enough to be vulnerable and share your feelings. Playing the victim is not attractive.

Louanne also made it known that men shouldn’t think of women as their ‘therapist’ who wants to ‘fix’ them.

While those who play the victim often complain about their past problems and trauma, vulnerability is when someone shares how they feel about these circumstances.

And the best way to get to know someone is to avoid small talk and share your experiences.

The useful information comes after hundreds of singles listed their diversions on Facebook.

Singles flooded the comments section offering their personal opinions and experiences after a woman asked a popular Facebook group what makes them ‘gross’.

Dirty fingernails, poor hygiene, and loud eating are considered the most common rejections among single women, according to the controversial new thread.

Other deviations included road rage, being rude to servers, poor hygiene, eating loudly, and being selfish.

One woman said she is completely disgusted when a man ‘puts his finger in her ears’.

“I can’t believe some people think this is okay when you’re having a chat with someone,” she wrote.

Another added: “This is probably an unpopular opinion, but men are so obsessed with football that it consumes them!”

Single men also joined the conversation, detailing their rejections of women, and there seemed to be parallels with both genders.

“Women who have long fingernails but don’t clean under them,” wrote one man.

Another added: “Pouting selfies, worse when paired with lip fillers, excessive makeup and fake orange tan.”


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