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Waiter recalls aggressive encounter with Meghan Markle and her ‘furious’ personal assistant at New York’s elite restaurant

A new bombshell has claimed that the head waiter of an exclusive New York City restaurant had an aggressive encounter with Meghan Markle and her personal assistant, who demanded a private table by dropping the “I bring royalty” card.

In his forthcoming book Your Table is Ready, Michael Cecchi-Azzolina recalls meeting the Duchess of Sussex and her assistant at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Coucou in 2017.

The former maître d said his head of reservations handed him a note about an “upset” woman demanding a private table “for someone dating a prince,” the New York Post reports.

It was a request the famous SoHo restaurant couldn’t accommodate, and when Cecchi-Azzolina broke the bad news, she said Meghan’s assistant was furious.

Finally she reluctantly accepted a table in the corner that he remembered.

He claims the duo walked in 20 minutes before his reservation “with attitude.”

When the attendant was greeted for a drink with the other patrons at the bar while they waited, the attendant reportedly flew into a rage.

“Do you realize that my guest is dating Prince Harry and about to become a duchess?” This is what Mr. Cecchi-Azzolina writes in his new book, to be published on December 6.

“Don’t you have a private area where we can wait?”

Cecchi-Azzolina said her “first instinct was to laugh” at the couple.

“I don’t give a shit about Prince Harry’s date and knowing the attention the escort drew from the crowd at the bar, or anyone else.”

He reveals that the former Suits actress “didn’t say a word” when her assistant threw a tantrum because her table wasn’t ready before their reservation time.

“We have the most powerful people in the world coming here; no one really cares about you,” Cecchi-Azzolina said of the experience.


Rajesh Jindal
Rajesh Jindal
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