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Tino Franco tells all about losing Rachel Recchia: We weren’t on a break! I cheated!

Very few Bachelor franchise couples have a happy ending. It happens… but rarely.

Since Rachel Recchia left Tino Franco after he cheated on her, it is pretty It is safe to say that they are no exception.

Their split divided Bachelor Nation. Some condemned Tino. Others felt that Rachel was somehow “too tough”.

But Tino is opening up in a no-holds-barred interview about where the relationship went south. Part of this, he admitted, started with the show itself.

Tino and Rachel enjoyed a good run on The Bachelor Season 19. It looks like they fell in love.
Tino Franco spoke at the All the files Podcast for Thursday, October 20.

“Can we talk about [almost] anything right now,” Tino noted.

“Obviously, there are things that, you know, happened between me and Rachel that, as we’ve both said, are deeply personal,” he acknowledged.

“And we are not going to touch that,” Tino said then.

“[But] I think we can very easily go through the timeline without touching any of it,” he shared.

“I don’t stand by what I did at all,” Tino emphasized, clearly referring to cheating.

“It wasn’t great. It wasn’t fair to Rachel,” Tino emphasized.

“And it haunts me every day, still,” he said. “It’s something I’m ashamed of.”

Tino added: “And certainly, I wish I had done it differently, like a million times.”

Tino Franco knows the ladies. Fans are convinced that he and Rachel will end up together.
“I’m trying to analyze and develop myself and figure out why my insecurities, my ego, could take control of my actions in that way,” Tino admitted.

“And,” he continued, why “it just led me down this road to hit rock bottom.”

Tino is now in therapy and is excited to embark on this journey. He just wishes he had started it sooner.

Rachel Recchia will find love on The Bachelorette. And we may already know the name of the lucky one.
After the breakup, some people claimed that Rachel was overreacting.

Seemingly credible reports claimed that he and Rachel were somehow “on a break,” in very retro style. Friends reference form.

“I want to put him to bed,” Tino clarified. “We were not on a break. I don’t know where that came from.”

Tino F. is seen here in the water. He is 28 years old and is from Playa Del Rey, California.
Tino emphasized, “We weren’t separated or anything like that.”

He then detailed, “When I acted, I felt like… we were starting to check it out. We were in a really dark place.”

Tino admitted, “Like, it’s hard to describe.”

Rachel and Tino got engaged to close out The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, they definitely won’t get married.
Tino finds it hard to argue “because even looking back, it takes me to a place where, like, I really wish I hadn’t done that and just not done the wrong thing.”

He commented, “When you go through difficult times in a relationship, it’s hard to convince yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

As for what led him to cheat, he simply says it was his own insecurities.

Rachel Recchia has been rejected by several suitors. But fans think they know who she will end up with.
“I just gave up. I just leaned in, we kissed and that wasn’t fair to that girl either,” Tino confessed.

“That was not considerate of his feelings at all. As if she didn’t want to be involved in any of this,” she added.

And he admitted that not telling Rachel right away was, in its own way, as disastrous as the kiss itself. The longer she clung to him, as things got better, the worse the secrets became.

Watching the show as it aired, Tino admitted, was harder than most people could imagine.

“We knew what we were signing up for as contestants in that we’re going to see a lot of public displays of affection for people other than us,” she said.

“It’s not the Tino and Rachel show,” he acknowledged. “That affected me much more than I thought.”

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“I think we both had a lot of pressure on ourselves. You feel like you’re in the spotlight,” Tino explained.

“Of course, the leads get a huge amount of attention that I personally can’t even empathize with because I never have,” he added. Which means that the role of Rachel was even more difficult.

Tino emphasized, “I really think I could have been a much more supportive partner for her and seen her through the storm.”


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