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Thousand-Year Blood War Animator Shares Cool Rangiku Sketch

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War The war for the title between Soul Reapers and Quincies has started, and one of the animators behind the series is hyping Rangiku Matsumoto’s big comeback with some cool new art. The final arc of Tite Kubo’s original manga series features some of the biggest moments in the series overall for many fan-favorite characters, and it’s one of the many reasons fans have been waiting to see. all come to life in more than a decade. Now that the new series has kicked off, many are beginning to see why fans have hyped this latest match up.

The first episodes of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War has steadily reintroduced the massive cast and unleashed the wave of new enemies filling the Wandenreich ranks now invading Soul Society. With this invasion, Rangiku and many of the Soul Reaper captains are back in the spotlight as they begin their fight, Leo Kawamoto, one of the series’ animators, has celebrated this latest episode with a cool new sketch showing the fan favorite wrestler with the fans. On twitter. Check it out:

How will Rangiku return in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War?
Following up on the previous episode of the series where Sternritter stormed Soul Society on burning Reishi pillars, Episode 4 of the series officially kicks off the battles between the Captains and these mysterious new enemies. The Quincy wiped out a large number of Soul Reaper ranks during the first wave of the invasion alone, and things get even more difficult when each of the captains realizes that their new opponents are far stronger than they thought. they could handle.

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Rangiku accompanies Toshiro Hitsugaya during their battle, but when her Bankai is stolen, she plays her first major role in the war. She is shocked when she takes Toshiro’s Bankai, but he orders her to use Tenteikura to warn the rest of the teams that the enemy may steal her Bankai. Since this is her first big moment in the war, she now remains to be seen how she will influence the rest of the battles as the new anime continues this long-awaited war.

What did you think of Rangiku’s return to anime after all this time? how you feel? Bleachs new series so far? Let us know his thoughts on it and all things anime in the comments!



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