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Paul di Resta ‘concerned’ about Ferrari as he gives Mercedes verdict

Paul di Resta has

claimed he is “scared for Ferrari” after falling behind Mercedes since the summer. The former F1 star seemed taken aback by how Ferrari went from fighting for wins to a car that’s “not quite there” over the course of 2022.

When asked if altitude alone was responsible for Prancing Horse struggles in Mexico, Di Resta stated that it was not a significant factor. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he said: “No, I don’t think so. From the performance of the car, yes, but I wouldn’t understand why the others were less of a problem.

“Engine…? The Alfa Romeo was better there and Bottas was there, better than he has been for a long time. I worry about Ferrari because they haven’t really had a chance to win since July. They are out and Mercedes has caught up with them, has easily advanced.

“Without a doubt, Mercedes overtook them on a Sunday. On a Saturday, I think they can still do it, but I’m afraid where Ferrari’s development path is headed unless they shut down as soon as they realized it was out of their league.”

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“That’s part of the equation, but there’s more. There’s certainly more to it than that, and it’s something we need to look into and there’s no straight answer right now. The trip was not great. The balance was not very good.

“I’m pretty sure if I hear from the drivers later in the report they will tell me the car didn’t turn and why I think it needs to be checked and we don’t have a clear explanation at the moment. Meanwhile, Mercedes experienced a resurgence as Hamilton battled for victory with Verstappen in the last two events.

The team has improved since introducing an updated floor and new rear wing ahead of the United States Grand Prix. They also installed a new front wing design for Mexico in the team’s final updates for the season.

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