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Paris Fury tells ITV Loose Women how Tyson stood on a chair and “squealed like a girl” after seeing a rat

Paris Fury recalled a time when her husband Tyson stood on a chair and “squealed like a girl” after seeing a rat in their house.

The 32-year-old has six children with her husband, also known as the ‘Gypsy King’, who live in Morecambe. But despite being the heavyweight champion of the world, Paris recounted how he is “horrified” by animals and creepy crawlies.

Appearing on the Loose Women panel today (November 2), Paris shared a story about Tyson who “jumped into a chair and squealed like a girl” after a rat ran out from under his shed.

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The topic came up after the panel discussed the addition of Matt Hancock to the cast of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! this year. Denise Welch was particularly opposed to the idea, insisting that he was not a celebrity.

She said: “I am angry, which will not surprise anyone. But I’m angry and upset and I can’t find any humor in this quote. As far as I am concerned, we are still suffering from the effects of what has happened in recent years.

“I have spoken a lot, Paris, about the Covid restrictions and how they are incredibly unnecessary and the impact it would have on people’s lives, livelihoods and mental health. Matt Hancock was up front.

“Now we all know that while we weren’t allowed to see our grandmother or anyone else, and I’m one of them, who had a family member in hospital or in a home during Covid, my father later died of pneumonia, I I was still allowed to see him at certain times I don’t see him and I live with the pain every day and there are people who haven’t been allowed to see their family for a year. Remember that it was illegal to get in your car and visit a loved one.

Paris Fury says her husband Tyson stood on a chair and ‘squealed like a girl’ after seeing a rat (Picture: ITV)

“Even when we had the vaccines to free ourselves, the masks worked, we had tests to be able to say I will take a test before visiting my father who is alone at home. Not while he was having an affair with a woman in the closet or wherever he was.

Kaye Adams has spoken out on the matter, saying she was concerned she was not ministering to her constituents while filming the show. She said: “For me, just because you are a serving MP, I think you are not serving your constituents.”

Talked turned to Paris when Kaye asked if we could ever expect to see Tyson in the jungle. In response, Paris said: “Oh, Tyson was offered to go to the jungle a few years ago, I think it would be completely useless. I have to be honest. He is afraid of animals ‘La Norma’.

“Once a rat ran out from under the shed, the idea was that we had to see what was underneath. She jumped on a chair and screeched like a child. So if we were in the jungle, everyone would starve.”

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Satyam Verma
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