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Meghan Markle talks to Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell for the Archetypes podcast

Meghan Markle spoke today about how female sexuality “is much more vilified” than that of men and even women in their 50s can be the target of gossip about how they were “a bitch in college”.

While men are described as ‘players’, women are mocked for their sexual behaviour, the Duchess of Sussex said on the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast on Spotify.

Meghan’s comments came during a discussion with trans actress and singer Michaela Jaé Rodríguez about her experiences during her teenage years.

“As you get older, you explore and begin to understand your sensuality, your divine feminine,” says the Duchess.

“But your sexuality can be used a lot against you… [a man] he’s a gamer or having fun or whatever he’s doing is often celebrated, even advertised.

“But for a woman, I don’t care if she’s maybe the most financially successful woman in her 50s. I promise someone will come along and say ‘yeah, but she was a bitch in college.’”

He will stay with her. I don’t understand what it is about the stigma surrounding women and their sexuality, the exploration of their sexuality that is so much more reviled than a man’s, and I wonder what that experience is.

In the episode, titled ‘Beyond the Archetype: Being Human’, Meghan also revealed that she owns an artwork with the words ‘human kind – be both’ on it, and wowed the students at her old high school.

Additionally, the Duchess spoke with Sex and the City author Candace Bushell about how women are treated in the entertainment industry.

Meghan Markle reveals the cute childhood nickname her mother Doria still calls her at 41
By Claire Toureille for MailOnline

Meghan Markle has admitted that her mother still calls her her ‘Flower’, even though she is 41 years old.

The mother of two, who lives in Montecito, California, with Prince Harry, three-year-old son Archie and 17-month-old daughter Lilibet, spoke about her mother, Doria Ragland, on her Archetypes podcast.

Speaking about the importance of nicknames with Pose actress Michaela J Rodriguez, she admitted that Doria still calls her by the nickname she came up with as a child.

Meghan revealed that she had no problem with the nickname, saying instead that she loves it. Michaela, a transgender woman, was discussing the way people get ‘stuck’ with nicknames throughout their lives.

“As a kid, you come up with nicknames, but you don’t know how much of an impact they have on other people,” he said. ‘And also how people get caught up in that moniker. They get stuck on the name that, you know, they’ve been calling you,” she added.

“My mom used to call me Bumper, when I was a kid, she still slips up and calls me that today, which I don’t have a problem with because, you know, who doesn’t like getting caught by their mom,” the actress said. . she followed her.

Meghan chimed in with a smile: ‘Yes, exactly. My mom still calls me Flor. “However, don’t you love it?” Michael asked.

‘I make! I’ll be a 41-year-old flower, okay,” Meghan joked.

The Duchess of Sussex’s nickname first came to light on the now-defunct blog The Tog, where she mentioned that she was a flower.

It resurfaced in 2019, when her uncle Joseph Johnson shared it with the press when he talked about the day Doria found out Meghan was engaged to Prince Harry.

The 59-year-old told MailOnline: ‘All of us were really stunned. Shocked. Doria especially. She was so excited. She was just saying ‘My little Flower!’ How can this be true? Incredible. She said: ‘My flower is going to be a princess, wooh-wooh-wooh!’

Earlier this year, it appeared that Doria had also gotten a floral tattoo on her arm.

The social worker showed off her new tattoo on her 66th birthday in September while walking her two dogs near her Los Angeles home.

Doria and Meghan are very close, and Doria made another cameo on her daughter’s podcast earlier this year, when she FaceTimed her while she was recording.

Meghan began the episode by describing a piece of art in her £11 million mansion in Montecito, California.

There is a piece of art in my living room, it is not fancy. It’s kind of this rectangle shape, almost like a plate. And it just says ‘human type’: to be both,” she says.

‘My friend Jen gave it to me a couple of days ago and it always makes me smile. Because I love her and our friendship – it reminds me of her, we’ve been super close since we were like 17 years old – but also, because it’s true. Human type – be both.

“It got me thinking about other types of puns that resonate and specifically I was thinking about something that was told to me many years ago. You are not just a human being, you are a simple human being.

Now, the woman who said this to me was trying to remind me to go easy on myself, pretty much along the same lines as saying don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Well this is just another version of that same kind of advice, you are human, just being.

Meghan visited her old school, Immaculate Heart School in Los Angeles, and chatted with students about whether they were being “labelled” or “given the space to be human.”

She asked if any of them had heard the word ‘bimbo’, to which one of them replied that she had only seen it once on TikTok.

“Speaking of getting older,” Meghan says, before describing how she the word was “something I grew up seeing all the time.”

The Duchess has previously complained that she was treated like a fool when she was a ‘briefcase girl’ on Deal Or No Deal.

During the episode, Meghan described Sex And The City characters Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte as “iconic”.

She said Bushnell’s writing “still holds up today”, adding: “It still feels limitless today. And in her recent novel and the one-woman show Is There Still Sex in Town? she continues to peel back the layers of what women can be at all stages of life.

Bushnell told Meghan she didn’t make “a ton of money” from Sex And The City, and when the Duchess asked how it made her feel, she replied: “Mad.”

Bushnell added: “That’s one of the realities. The fact is, you know, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, so I’m still working.”

After another conversation with poet Amanda Gorman, Meghan describes how her guests made her feel.

“I find it very inspiring to hear from women who are clear about who they are: unwavering, without babbling, self-assured, despite whatever barriers they may have seen up close,” she says.

“And as I was thinking about closing this episode, how could I suppress that feeling, that inspiring feeling of release, when you get rid of all those fears of judgment.” [and] you sit in your authenticity. When you allow yourself to be human and be.’

Completing the episode with a quote from a poem, he adds: ‘And where there is a woman, there is always a way. Truer words have never been spoken.’

Meghan tells listeners that she wants to revisit an important part of her ‘origin story’, the Immaculate Heart School in Los Angeles.

“I wanted to explore that these labels and boxes are part of the self-identification of the young women there,” she says. Or if they have given themselves the space to be human.

As the Duchess returns to the school, she describes how the memories would “flood back”.

“It’s great because as an adult you come back to this environment, it feels so small, but when you’re in high school on this campus it was so big.”

‘Middle and high school is a great time for anyone in your life. You are so impressionable and you also think you know everything when you are a teenager.

“But especially for young women, this is the period of time where you start to look around.

‘Around culture and society, the messages you’re getting, and you’re constantly wondering, what am I supposed to be like?

At least that was a lot. My teenage experience and maybe maybe things have changed.’

Meghan is heard chatting with three young graduates, Abigail, Diana and Grace.

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex attend the 2021 Salute To Freedom Gala at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum on November 10 last year.

Asked what labels they felt applied to them, one responded, ‘the b-word,’ while another said, ‘bossy.’

Meghan then mentions the word ‘bimbo’ and says, ‘So when you hear the word bimbo, who or what do you think of?’

After one of them replies that they’ve only heard the word on TikTok, Meghan says, “I mean talking about getting older, but this idea of ​​the dumb, dumb blonde, this was something I grew up seeing all the time.” , and here we go, they hadn’t.’

The royal then tells the group how she once received a religious studies assignment at school to plan her own wedding.

“That’s crazy,” one of them replies.

Meghan then has a chat with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, an expert in family dynamics and personal development.

It came to light yesterday that Archetypes seemed to have lost popularity with US listeners, with the latest episode sitting at just 77 on the US charts as of 1pm yesterday, behind a collection of lullabies.


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