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MAUREEN CALLAHAN: Kennedy gets Baldwin to give Markle… a human rights award? Please make it stop!

Well, Meghan Markle once compared herself to Nelson Mandela.

The Duchess of Despair and the hapless Prince Harry will be among this year’s recipients of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award, in recognition of their work “to protect and promote fairness, justice and human rights.” .

The award, named after RFK’s iconic ‘Ripple of Hope’ speech delivered in Cape Town, South Africa, at the height of apartheid, recognizes ‘moral courage’. The courage to speak truth to power.

When you hear that, who doesn’t think: Oh right, Harry and Meghan!

“They went to the oldest institution in UK history and told them what they were doing wrong,” said RFK human rights chair Kerry Kennedy, removing any doubt that she had stripped her late father’s legacy and dispossessed to this honor of any real significance. ‘That they could not have structural racism within the institution. . . I think they have been heroic in taking this step.’

To Kennedy’s (dubious) point: the Mandela comparison never gets old.

Here was Meghan in New York Magazine’s The Cut last August, telling us that she had gone backstage after a performance of ‘The Lion King’ when a South African cast member ‘looked at me and…’. . he said: ‘I just need you to know: when you married into this family, we rejoiced in the streets the same way we did when Mandela was released from prison.’

As this same medium reported, that only member of the South African cast said that he had never met Meghan Markle.

No one dismissed this lie better than the great man’s grandson, Zwelivelile Mandela, who told that “Nelson Mandela’s release from prison was the culmination of almost 350 years of struggle in which generations of our people paid with their lives”. It can never be compared to someone’s wedding celebrations.

A wedding paid for with $42.8 million from taxpayers, Britons in the streets and cheering, an excess of goodwill that Harry and Meghan quickly and rudely dismissed.

Meghan Markle reportedly said on her first royal tour, just a few months later: “I can’t believe I don’t get paid for this.” So they walked out the palace door, hats and grievances in hand, seeking and getting monster paydays from Netflix and Spotify.

To paraphrase Kerry’s late uncle, John F. Kennedy: What takes the shape of courage.

As for that claim of racism: Queen Elizabeth II was not a racist. In fact, she was such a friend and admirer of Nelson Mandela that he was one of the few who called her ‘Elizabeth’ (not ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘ma’am’) and gave her an affectionate nickname: ‘Motlalepula,’ which translates as ‘come with the rain’, as his first visit took place during a torrential storm.

King Charles is a big fan of Islam and studied Arabic to better understand the Qur’an. He is a critic of Western materialism and an outspoken advocate of climate action.

Queen Elizabeth and then-Prince Charles hastened biracial Meghan’s arrival into the royal family, with Charles himself walking Meghan halfway down the aisle at her wedding.

Are these the ‘structural racists’ that Meghan and Harry so bravely stood up to?

Incredibly, Harry and Meghan will be honored at the RFK gala alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Two of these honorees are not like the others, are they?

And it gets better: Hosting this year’s event, with tickets ranging from $2,500 to $250,000 — basically the equivalent of a down payment on a nice 6-bedroom house — is none other than Alec Baldwin.

Yes, the man who accidentally shot and killed his co-worker and has since expressed zero blame: “Someone is responsible,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos last December, “and I can’t say who it is, but I know that it’s not me”. — has been chosen to host a human rights event.

As for that claim of racism: Queen Elizabeth II was not a racist. In fact, she was such a friend and admirer of Nelson Mandela that he was one of the few of hers to call her ‘Elizabeth’. (Top) Mandela and Queen Elizabeth in July 1996

This is a value system that only the ultra-left could accept. It’s an episode of ‘South Park’, an Onion headline, a Bizarro world event.

Zelensky aside, it’s more the Victimhood Olympics than the vanguard of human rights activism.

However, it is to be expected from Kerry Kennedy, a woman for whom self-awareness is an alien concept. She has spent her tenure grinding the human rights of Robert F. Kennedy (terrible name, by the way) into a meaningless virtue mark. She spends her time going after celebrities and high-profile donors who are hardly synonymous with human rights.

To wit: Other honorees this December include Frank Baker, head of private equity firm Siris and recent buyer of a $32 million Palm Beach mansion; Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan and billionaire Michael Polsky, CEO of renewable energy company Invenergy, which last year sued Worth County, Iowa, in an attempt to force the company’s wind projects in the zone.

What any of these industry titans have done for human rights is beyond me, but we’re supposed to trust Kerry Kennedy here, a leader who, as former employees told me in 2016, treated her human rights staff like garbage.

‘For someone who is a human rights lawyer,’ one told me, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who cares so little about the people who work for her.’

‘Generally,’ said another, ‘treat everyone like the person who would go get their coffee.’

Well, that’s something that she and Meghan seem to have in common.

Meghan Markle, who as a newly crowned duchess on a tour of Africa, lamented on camera that “not many people have asked me if I’m okay”; whose alleged bullying of royal staff led to resignations, not to mention Kate Middleton’s alleged reduction to tears, as reported by Tom Bower in his book ‘Revenge’.

Meghan also leveled vile, baseless and unspecific accusations against the royal family, as the patriarch, Prince Philip, was on his deathbed and, with her husband, has since claimed endless victimization of a $14.5 Montecito mansion. millions while clinging to the very royal titles they say represent the British. the racism, colonialism and elitism of the royal family; I mean, really, who better?

Incredibly, Harry and Meghan will be honored at the RFK gala alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Two of these honorees are not like the others, are they? (Top) Zelensky on screen during the NATO session held in Madrid on November 21, 2022

But let’s throw a huge event with an astronomical cost of admission to celebrate hypocrites of all stripes, and spotlight Harry and Meghan, two people who praise themselves for charitable qualities they don’t seem to possess, who lecture us all about how to live off their multimillion-dollar palatial estate, eco-warriors who fly private at every opportunity, who publicly complain about how hard they have it, how misunderstood they are and who insert their frankly banal grievances into our daily lives.

This is satire, right? An ultra-liberal presenter, one most rational people believe guilty of manslaughter, giving two spoiled middle-aged beta royals a human rights award.

Volodymyr Zelensky deserves much better. Raising Alec Baldwin, Harry and Meghan to his level: insulting and vulgar don’t begin to cover it.

If those three are humanitarians, then I really ask: What are the criteria?

If you’re Kerry Kennedy, that criteria is backwards, crazy, crazy. She is about someone who demonized her lifelong best friend and sister-in-law after she committed suicide, in a pathetic defense of her brother. Someone who crashed into a trailer on a New York freeway and left the scene, who then did what privileged people like her do best: complain publicly about the bad reputation she’s gotten, about how life is so unfair to people. rich and famous like her. .

‘[It’s] a terrible policy,’ he told the Today show after his acquittal, ‘. . . pursuing all cases of driving under the influence.’ Of course, pity the reckless driver harmed by substances.

If you’re Kerry Kennedy, you’re using your human rights foundation like a piggy bank to take out a $2.4 million line of credit, travel for ‘work’ and stay in $500-a-night hotels, using the inherited money and fame as some kind of proof that you are smarter and better than others.

And if you’re Meghan Markle, hey, you’re like Nelson Mandela.


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Swastik Vasu
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