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Lauren Boebert Takes the LEAD in Exciting Colorado Race

Lauren Boebert finally took the lead in Colorado’s tighter-than-expected 3rd District House race on Thursday afternoon as it now appears her Democratic rival will seek a recount.

After trailing Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by only a few dozen votes over the final day, Boebert took a 386-vote lead when the final ballots in the huge western slope district are tallied.

“Winning,” the armed far-right congresswoman tweeted as results continue to trickle in with 99 percent of votes counted.

While Boebert was still trailing in the race, a top Democratic aide said she will have to resort to setting up an OnlyFans account if she fails to win re-election in the Colorado House race, which was considered a advantage for the Republican Party. candidate.

“Liberals even suck at feminism,” Boebert responded on Twitter to the crude joke. ‘Can you do something right?’

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid questioned DCCC and DNC adviser Kurt Bardella about where Boebert would find employment and earn income if he loses his House seat after also closing his Colorado restaurant earlier this year.

“I guess it could be a win for OnlyFans,” Bardella said, referencing the online porn site, prompting Reid to burst out laughing.

“I don’t know what she would do in this scenario,” Bardella noted, “but symbolically, taking out one of the MAGA movement’s poster children, someone who has been an absolute disgrace to the position he holds, would be a big feather in the hat.” and, I think, would cement the fact that this has been an utter and utter disaster for the MAGA wing of the Republican Party.’

Tighter-than-expected margins in Colorado already indicate the recount request will come from whichever candidate ends up losing, as Republicans fall short of the ‘red tsunami’ they predicted throughout the midterm campaign.

As of Wednesday morning, Boebert trailed Frisch by just 64 votes, but took the lead in the afternoon when a drop-off occurred that put her 386 votes ahead of Frisch. The election in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district is likely headed for a recount with margins of less than 0.5 percent among the candidates.

Donald Trump is also licking his wounds after many candidates he endorsed failed to win a seat from Democrats or defend seats that were already red. For example, Dr. Mehmet Oz failed to keep a Pennsylvania Senate seat in the red in the race against Democrat John Fetterman for outgoing Senator Pat Toomey’s seat.

The race in Colorado will not be called or projected until every ballot is considered taking into account the very narrow margins.

Boebert posted a meme on Twitter in which an animated figure is poking the Colorado results with a stick and saying ‘Come on, do something,’ in an urgency to get the results leaked faster.

Colorado’s 3rd congressional district wasn’t even considered a competitive race by Cook’s nonpartisan political briefing or any other metric, with most assuming the pro-Trump incumbent lawmaker would easily win re-election.

Former Aspen City Councilman Adam Frisch (pictured) is surprisingly giving the high-profile pro-Trump Republican congresswoman a shot by leading by just a few dozen votes two days after Election Day .

Colorado’s huge district encompasses all of the west and nearly all of the south of the state, and thousands of ballots have yet to be counted there.

State law allows candidates to seek a state-paid recount when the margin between the first and second candidates is 0.5 percent or less. If the gap is greater than that threshold, the candidates must pay the recount themselves.

The unexpectedly competitive race is giving Boebert, one of the House’s most prominent Republicans, a run for his money against the former Aspen city councilman.

Republicans needed to win a net five seats in the 2022 midterms to win a total of 218 seats and regain a majority in the lower house of Congress.

Jayson Boebert (left) puts his arm around his wife Lauren during a prayer at his Election Night party in Grand Junction, Colo., on Tuesday, November 8.

So far, the margins are 208 Republicans and 190 Democrats, as results continue to trickle in from across the country.

Polling was not extensive in the district, but two polls in July and September showed Boebert ahead. Another in October, which was funded by Democrats, had Frisch ahead by 5 points.

Boebert has only served one term in Congress and took office in January 2021 after a campaign that focused heavily on his pro-gun and pro-Trump ideals.

Many of her ads in the 2020 election cycle focused on her openly carrying a firearm and featured Shooter Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, where staff members were encouraged to openly carry a firearm. She owned the restaurant from 2013 until earlier this year.

Boebert rose to the House after unexpectedly beating then-incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Tipton in the primary and then defeating Democrat and former state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush in the general election.


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