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Keanu Reeves baffled by Matthew Perry memoir: report

Apparently, even Keanu Reeves was shocked when asked by Matthew Perry why he “walks among us.”

“Keanu thought the comments came from left field,” a source told Us Weekly on Friday of the “Matrix” star’s multiple mentions in Perry’s new memoir.

“It backfired on Matthew anyway, which he had to apologize for,” the source added.

The 53-year-old “Friends” alum issued a mea culpa to Reeves, 58, in the days leading up to the Nov. 1 release of “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.”

“I’m actually a huge fan of Keanu. I just picked a random name, my mistake. I apologize,” he told People. “I should have used my own name instead.”

Keanu Reeves reportedly felt that Matthew Perry’s comments about him “came out of left field”.
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In the book, Perry details how he worked with River Phoenix, the “John Wick” star’s best friend, in the 1988 film “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.”

Perry and Phoenix played best friends in the movie and became close in real life, but the “Stand by Me” star died of a drug overdose at age 23 in 1993.

The “Friends” alum apologized for asking why Reeves still “walks among us.”

David M Benett

The “Friends” alum apologized for asking why Reeves still “walks among us.”

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“That’s how a Hollywood trainer talks to a…

“Why do original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?” writes the star of “17 Again”.

“River was a beautiful man inside and out and he turned out to be too beautiful for this world. It always seems like it’s the really talented kids who go down.”

Perry’s memoir hit stores on November 1.
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Perry doubles down on Reeves’ dig later in the memoir when he recalls his initial reaction to his “Almost Heroes” co-star Chris Farley’s fatal overdose in 1997.

“I punched a hole in Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room wall when I found out,” she writes. “Keanu Reeves walks among us.”

In the book, Perry talks about her time on “Friends” and how she battled addiction while filming the show.
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Perry and Reeves never had a public falling out, so the harsh comments drew attention and even led to speculation that the former had a strange obsession with the latter.

Elsewhere in her explosive memoir, Perry goes into detail about “almost” dying in 2018 when her colon burst, her unfortunate dating history with celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and “Friends” co-star Aniston, as well as their decades. long fight against drug and alcohol abuse.


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