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Jinger Duggar: Cut off by parents due to the content of the upcoming reveal?

As we reported last month, Jinger Duggar has written a memoir, which will hit stores in January.

Now, this won’t be the first literary effort by a member of the Duggar clan.

But you can bet Jinger’s solo effort will be quite different from growing duggarhis Jim Bob-approved collaboration with his sisters.

Jinger has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the more rebellious members of the Duggar clan, and her parents have often expressed skepticism regarding her motives and actions.

These days, Jinger lives in Los Angeles with her swinger (by Duggar standards) husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

She was the first to reject Duggar’s notorious dress code, and now, she may be the first to publish a memoir about what it is. Really enjoy growing up as a member of television’s most infamous family of fundies.

Fans are curious as to what kind of reception the book will receive from Jinger’s highly secretive family.

It’s already rumored that Jinger isn’t on the best of terms with her parents, and this book could be the nail in the coffin for their relationship.

And no one understands how insular and unforgiving the evangelical community can be better than Duggar’s former friend, Mary Murphy.

Murphy says “rejected and excommunicated” from the church she grew up in after questioning the Institute’s teachings on Basic Life Principles [IBLP]which dictates the beliefs of the Duggars.

These days, Murphy hosts the “Out of the Shadows” podcast and spoke to a UK tabloid. Sun about Jinger’s next book.

“Jim Bob and Michelle’s reaction to the book will depend on the content of the book, as well as the focus,” Murphy told the outlet.

“Does the memoir tell it all? Will Jinger call Michelle and Jim Bob? If so, the likelihood of Jim Bob excluding Jinger and the court increases.”

Murphy points out, however, that there is a chance that Jinger will use this opportunity to patch things up with her parents.

“However, if Jinger’s book doesn’t damage the family image or the facade of perfection, then I don’t expect Jim Bob to cut it. I really want to read the book,” she says.

“I imagine Jinger has been on this journey for a few years. In another 10 years, there will be another book. Because it is a long journey.

Mary adds that she hopes Jinger wrote the book with the goal of being honest with her readers and not appeasing her parents.

“Moving forward to tell your own story is a vital part of reclaiming your agency and finding your voice,” says Murphy.

“I’m not at all surprised that he’s breaking free. I hope everyone gets to that point of seeing the truth and stepping out into freedom. I’m not surprised. I am super happy for her as she continues to move forward and heal.”

Mary concluded by noting that Jinger’s example could inspire those around her to seek their own freedom.

“Everyone’s journey is going to be different. With each one released, the pressure on the others becomes even more intense,” says Murphy.

I think it’s likely. It’s just going to take some time.”

Becoming Truly Free: My Story of Untangling Faith from Fear will be released on January 31


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