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High-end New York restaurant accused of separating Asian diners from white diners in TikTok video

A New York City restaurant considered one of the most romantic in the world is being accused of segregating a number of Asian diners from white patrons.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea has been a fixture in Greenwich Village since 1973, but the critically acclaimed restaurant is in hot water due to multiple claims that the staff herds Asian diners on the second floor and treats them worse than the others.

“Let’s cut to the chase: One if by Land, Two if by Sea racially discriminates against non-white people, particularly Asians,” said TikTok user @rokug4n, also known as Annie.

Diners at the restaurant can choose between a $150 four-course meal option or a $200 seven-course meal option, while seasonal offerings such as the $175 Thanksgiving menu are also offered.

In the video, Annie, who is Asian, claims that after sitting upstairs with her boyfriend, the couple noticed that there were only Asian diners on the second floor.

“I want to start by saying that I have no problem dining with other Asian people. I don’t care,’ she said.

“What I do care about, and I have a problem with, is people of color being separated from whites by whites in high-end establishments.”

The TikToker then goes on to share a slew of Yelp reviews for the restaurant accusing it of racial discrimination towards Asians.

The restaurant has not returned a request for comment from

A Yelp review includes a photograph of the restaurant’s first floor that appears to show a mostly white crowd.

“Because a lot of foodies are Asian and a lot of people have been promoting this restaurant on TikTok and social media, and none of the criticism from people who are racially discriminating is like it’s coming out,” Annie said.

“A lot of Asian foodies are paying hundreds of dollars to this restaurant and they’re being racially discriminated against,” he says.

In one review, a user named Xu Z said they were made to wait 40 minutes for dinner and told to wait for another table of Asian diners to finish on the second floor before they could sit there, despite having made a Reserve for the first. flat.

“When we sit on the second floor, it’s like an Asian community,” the review said.

Another customer known as Min Chieh L said they were ignored above other customers, also calling the restaurant captain “arrogant.”

Yelp reviewer Domo O. said, “My wife and I were here a year ago and we sat with all the Asians (we’re Asians) on the second floor.”

Other reviews allege that the restaurant was seating Asian diners away from the large front windows, which one guest said he “highly doubted was a coincidence.”

The restaurant was voted one of the world’s most romantic restaurants by Architectural Digest in 2020, which called it a “favorite spot for marriage proposals and anniversary dinners.”


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Gaurav Kumar
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