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Christine Brown: Kody is not being a good father to our children!

It has been almost an entire year since Christine Brown made the shocking announcement that she had left Kody and her sister wives.

And in that year, she has been positively prospering.

She moved to Utah to be closer to her adult children, she’s been traveling and building new relationships, she essentially seems to be having the time of her life.

Best of all, you don’t have to deal with Kody and his rude outbursts and hypocritical rules.

Actually, according to a new interview she did with Us Weekly, she really hasn’t had to deal with him since they split.

“So, I haven’t talked to him in person for a while,” he admitted in the interview.

“All I’ve seen is the episodes, for a while, and what I’ve heard from Janelle, still talking to him and stuff as well.”

It’s quite interesting that he put it that way, that Janelle “still talks to him”; Needless to say, Janelle talks to her husband, right?

Could there be any truth to the rumors that Janelle also dumped Kody?

But the communication problem between Christine and Kody, she theorized, is that “I think he’s still very hurt and processes it much slower.”

As for the timeline, he said that he knew for two whole years before they decided to break up that their relationship was over.

And in the last year of that, Kody realized it too.

The two discussed the matter frequently, and things were so bad that her children even noticed, but she insisted that they were not fighting.

“I left before we got too mad and had a fight, I left before that point,” he said. “I didn’t want that to be a part of it and if I had left earlier, maybe I would have walked away too angry too. So, I didn’t want to leave angry.”

Unfortunately, Kody doesn’t seem to share his feelings about the anger.

He has always been genuinely bitter about Christine’s decision to leave, and though she didn’t say it outright, it seems that bitterness is affecting his ability to co-parent with her.

After all, even though five of their children are now adults, they still share 12-year-old Truely.

Christine said they briefly chat about their daughter: She texted her that she won an award at school, so she called Truely to congratulate her, and she let her know when they were in Flagstaff so she could see her.

Still, Christine said she wouldn’t consider co-parenting “yet.”

She also revealed that poor Truely found out about the divorce by “overhearing a conversation” and that she was “devastated” that that’s how things turned out.

“So, I told Truely that we were already divorced because I didn’t want her to be hooked and think maybe we’d get back together and worry that we’d fight around her,” he said. .

“Because that was her biggest concern afterward, she said, ‘Are you going to fight afterwards?’ And I’m like, ‘No, we’re just not going to do it, I’m not that person.’ I’m not going to sit there and fight.’”

She seems to really stick with it, which is really a testament to her character: it’s hard to imagine having a long conversation with Kody without blowing up, you know?

Christine is clearly happier than she has been in a long, long time, and we really love to see it.

But Kody… come on now.


Dinesh Jindal
Dinesh Jindal
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