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Christine Brown: I’m single… and I’m ready to be sexy again!

With apologies to Justin Timberlake, Christine Brown is about to bring sexy back.

The veteran Sister Wives star has appeared throughout Season 17 in emotional conversations with Kody Brown, explaining to him and his fellow cast members why he feels the need to leave plural marriage.

As we have often seen, these conversations have been uncomfortable and painful at times.

Remember though: these episodes were filmed almost a year ago.

The star wrote as a caption for this photo: Some days I’m just in the car running errands all day! It literally “drives” me crazy! #toomanyerrands #beforeitsnows #snowiscoming #driving #drivingallday.
Christine made the announcement that she was done with Kody in November 2021, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Speaking to Yahoo Life this week, the mother of six emphasized how content she is as a single woman.

“I am changing, I have changed,” Brown told this medium. “I just hope with more positivity.”

For years, TLC viewers may have seen Christine as a pretty serious person… but that hasn’t really been an accurate portrayal.

Christine Brown is finally done with Kody. We are very proud of her for coming to this conclusion.
“I just believe in being funny more than anything,” the reality star said.

“Who I am at the core is just fun and I want to have as much fun as possible. And so I really try to incorporate fun into everything I do, honestly. And then I can just be me, you know?

While living under a polygamous roof, Christine felt that this was not an option for her.

“It’s an emotionally difficult lifestyle,” he told Yahoo of polygamy.

“I was just thinking, ‘Am I a wife here? Am I not a wife? You know, where am I as far as a wife? But now I don’t have to worry about being a wife. I can just be me, which is much more fun.

That includes feeling sexysomething Brown says was a challenge during her days as a third wife.

“I don’t think I felt like I could be sexy because there are also three other women married to Kody so I felt like I needed to be more respectful than that,” she said as part of this chat.

“Basically, I never turned on sexy. But now, yes, absolutely.

“I think as women we should feel sexy every day and that doesn’t come from anyone else’s perspective or anyone else’s opinion of who they think is sexy. That only comes from within.”

Hello Christine Brown! The mother of six is ​​happy with her decision to leave Kody.
Brown added that at her church, members are often taught NOT to prioritize sexuality.

Instead, she notes, “you’re going to be ladylike and you’re going to be elegant and you’re going to carry yourself in a way that makes everyone around you comfortable, which I still think is the best thing to do. ”

Because of that, he continued, “it’s more about seeing the needs of others and what everyone else around you needs rather than what you feel you need.

“You want to be the best sister wife to this whole big group of people, so that everyone feels comfortable. I was not a suppressor [of] anything, it was just a different mindset.

“And the mentality that I had as a sister wife was also fine in that lifestyle, now it’s different.”

Finally, as Christine has said before, she is dating, but not in a serious way yet.

“No more than, like, two dates per person, let’s keep things completely casual and simple,” Brown told Yahoo of the current plan.

“But eventually, yes, sign me up for a romantic relationship eventually, definitely, but not yet.”

Satyam Verma
Satyam Verma
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