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Caroline Graham Hansen reveals that she “had no life” before her heart surgery.

Caroline Graham Hansen admitted that the initial diagnosis that she would need heart surgery brought her more relief than fear, as she offered an explanation for how physically exhausted she felt.

The Barcelona winger was successfully treated for a heart condition in November 2021 after experiencing a high heart rate and chest problems while playing for his club.

Graham Hansen announced in August that he was leaving the Norwegian national team indefinitely to allow him to rest and recover from exhaustion caused by his heart problem.

“It was a relief to know how I had been feeling for a while because I wasn’t in bad shape,” said Graham Hanson. your release podcast. “And I thought: I can’t play like that, it’s impossible to play like that. She didn’t even have a life anymore. Every morning I could barely get out of bed, I never got enough sleep and I slept a lot, I lay the rest of the day on the couch and I really had no more life.

“I used to be able to do extra things in my life and now it’s like I’m old. I don’t know. Or are we training so hard that I can’t handle it? For me it was good to have a solution to the problem. It sounds very scary, but I had good people around me who assured me that I would be fine and would only help me.

Graham Hanson, who is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, did not give a timeframe for his possible return to the national team as he had not played for Norway since Euro 2022. In his statement announcing his hiatus of international service in August, referred to it. of course.” a ‘thank you for everything’, but a ‘see you soon’.’

“Unfortunately for me it was easy,” Graham Hansen said of his decision to take a break from international football. “Because I was so tired and so frustrated that I couldn’t recover like I wanted to and it was time for me to focus on myself for once and take care of what I needed to take care of.

“Personally, I gave my all during the European Championships, although it wasn’t enough, which is very sad, but that’s life sometimes. I had a feeling that it was time for me to take a breather and use this half year to focus on myself.” .

“I just had to focus on myself. It may sound selfish, but I am not a selfish person. I believe that if you want to get the best out of me, if I’m not capable of giving the best of myself, I’m also not capable of doing it for others. So I had to make a decision for myself.

Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh
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