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BTS’s Jin exudes hesitant warmth in ‘The Astronaut,’ co-written by Coldplay


Ria Chakraborty

On October 28, 2022, BTS’s Jin released his first solo single titled ‘The Astronaut’. Following the announcement of the Korean pop supergroup’s immediate hiatus from group music adventures, the members shifted their focus to their individual projects, with J-Hope releasing his debut studio album “Jack in the Box” in July 2022, and his bandmates Jungkook. and RM joining collaborative efforts like ‘Left and Right’ (with charlie puth) and ‘Sexy Nukim’ (with embalming tiger) respectively.

BTS has previously collaborated with British rock band, Coldplay on the 2021 electropop track ‘My Universe’, which also became the K-Pop giant’s fifth song to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Co-written by members of both bands, ‘My Universe’ formulated a distinctive dance-pop mix of Korean and English sentimentality that allowed the song to transcend linguistic and sonic boundaries, ultimately creating a fluid realm, brimming with the intensity of a seemingly forbidden. love that seeks to overcome all the narrow-minded obstacles that stand in its way. The song resonates with BTS’s colossal treasure trove of interwoven musical messages and legacy of advocating limitless love and acceptance, highlighted through an intergalactic backdrop in the music video as the singers bounce around in their hologram avatars and jovial aliens spin; ‘My Universe’ is part of Coldplay’s ninth studio album, “Music of the Spheres”, which consists of an overall celestial theme. The collaboration between BTS and Coldplay is hardly an artistic anomaly, given their shared penchant for introspective lyricism and thoughtful, introspective musical philosophies.

The sweet

anguish of Jin’s voice in ‘The astronaut’
Pre-release concept photos for ‘The Astronaut’ appear to capture the trajectory of his extraterrestrial journey, as they have shown Jin against a starry backdrop, and another set of images have stylized him as a sexy, brooding grunge icon that suggests by the lunar eclipse phenomena; finally, a series of contrasting images show a freckled Jin dressed in a vibrant outfit, surrounded by bubbles and sporadic bursts of vibrant hues, thus announcing his arrival on planet Earth. Fan theories range from connections to Jin’s Map of the Soul: 7 solo track ‘Moon’ to speculation about the song’s connection to the fictional planet, Supersolis, created by Coldplay for their “Music of the Soul” album. Spheres” and the song’s symbolic ode. . to the worldwide ARMY fandom of BTS. The song reached the number one position on the iTunes Top Songs chart in 97 regions around the world within 24 hours of its release. On October 28 local time, Jin performed ‘The Astronaut’ with Coldplay for the first time at their concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Astronaut’ is a quintessential Jin song because it bears the softer, rose-tinted afterimage it’s often associated with, and while the Coldplay influence is almost palpable in the song, the wonder-drenched innocence never overpowers. and light eyes. Jin’s presence. The soulful instrumental arrangement of the dynamic pop-rock ballad lifts the smooth cadence of Jin’s voice. Her voice has a wide emotional range and is tinged with nostalgia; Jin’s lower register is accompanied by Coldplay’s familiar synth-based sound, and both elements glide seamlessly on ‘The Astronaut’.

The song’s lyrics, like the lines “When I’m with you/There’s no one else/I have heaven to myself” suggest an inexorable link between singer and muse and this heartfelt link with simplistic romance. the statement is reminiscent of his Map of the Soul: 7 solo track ‘Moon’ as both pieces of music are dedicated to BTS’s ARMY fandom. In BTS’ inventory of musical knowledge and storytelling, Jin has exhibited his melodic mythmaking prowess by associating himself with the ‘Moon’ and downplaying his stature by considering himself a mere satellite, while the ARMY fandom has been designated as your Earth, the focal point of your existence and the sole recipient of your attention; the song portrays Jin as a distant guardian, always watching over his loved ones and almost fatherly in his protection and devotion to ARMY, with the promise of an everlasting bond, through the lyrics, “I’ll be by your side/Brighter in the dark night.”

‘The Astronaut’ maintains the stellar tradition of writing space-encoded, love-filled postcards for ARMYs, especially palpable in parts like: “You and me/a story that will never end/Oh, the story of ‘us’ that became in my universe” and “As the Milky Way shines on the darkest paths/ You illuminated me”. The theme has been co-written with Coldplay, with the specific objective of saying goodbye to the fandom ceremoniously and in the most delicate way: with his imminent enlistment military, the issue is presented and perceived as an intimate moment of vow renewal between Jin and Jin The military, because ‘The Astronaut’ is unequivocally meant to caress and comfort fans and, more importantly, shed light about the primordial relationship between the muse (the ARMY fandom) and the singer before the temporary, albeit inevitable, separation occurs.

The classic

Coldplay-esque space rock backdrop allows Jin’s crescendos to rise monumentally as he clearly declares “I love you” on the tune’s emotional finale, complemented by Coldplay frontman, Chris MartinSporadic accompanying vocalizations. The soundscapes of ‘El astronauta’ are full of vibrations and are full of bass; the chorus gets more and more heartbreaking with every listen. The song’s tear-inducing bittersweet aura is overwhelmingly indelible due to the vulnerability of Jin’s wistful voice as it echoes fleeting moments of the moment through each and every verse.

The Astronaut’ is a testament to Jin’s ever-increasing abilities, both as a vocalist and songwriter; there’s a smooth fluidity to his booming voice in the song, creating momentum, line by line, that he can sustain without sounding too choppy. In a post-release live session, Jin revealed that both the first and second verses of ‘The Astronaut’ were originally supposed to be in English, but at Martin’s insistence, Jin carefully wrote the second verse in Korean. The buzz generated by Jin’s official solo debut has fueled interest in his previous solo albums and indie tracks, taking them to the top of charts around the world, such as ‘Epiphany’, ‘Awake’ and even the viral trot song ‘Super Tuna’, which are the paradigms of his crossing of vocal and register genres.

‘The Astronaut’: A Music Video With Lovingly Tucked In Visual Cues

In the music video for ‘The Astronaut’, fans got to see the highly sought after actor Jin and his charming visuals as he plays an alien who has been stranded on planet Earth and despite all his unknowns, finds himself firmly connected to Earth. in a sense of belonging derived from his close friendship with a girl next door who is supposedly a visual motif for THE ARMY, and his recurring presence in his life evokes images of sincere promise and a sign of reassurance to all those who would wait for him. The overflowing gratitude in his voice is perfectly encapsulated in a dreamlike setting, and the crossword puzzle he is seen solving contains the words “ARMY”, “FAMILY”, “MOON”, “STAR”, “COZY” and “ASTRONAUT”, a of them. the many references to his growing fondness for the fandom.


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