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Bihar: Land mafia in Gopalganj sold land worth crores of 75 year old library, orders for inquiry

Gopalganj, In Gopalganj, the land mafia sold the land worth crores of 75 years old library. There used to be a library on this land, today a luxurious building has been built there. After this revelation, there has been a stir in the administration department. The DM has formed a team to investigate the entire matter.

Actually, a luxurious building is being constructed in Manjha Bazar of Manjhagarh police station. There used to be a government library here. The land worth crores has been sold by the land mafia after meeting with the zonal office. Even the trace of the historical Keshav library spread over 3 Kattha 15 Dhur has been erased. Big buildings have been built here. Many people including former CM Abdul Ghafoor, MP Raghunath Jha had donated books to the Keshav Library, which has been operating since 1947.

A large number of students from rural areas used to come here to study. During the Corona period, the library was demolished and its land was frozen and after that it was sold to the people in a hurry. According to the people associated with the library, it is also said that Subhash Chandra Bose also came here.

from your city (Gopalganj)
There was a stir in the administrative department from Gopalganj to Patna after getting information about the sale of land worth crores of Keshav library. In a hurry, DM Dr. Naval Kishore Chaudhary formed a team to investigate this. The team of DTO Manoj Kumar Rajak, Sadar SDM Dr. Pradeep Kumar and DCLR Virendra Prasad started the investigation. During the investigation, the officials raided the house of Santosh Mahto, a government school teacher located in Manjhagarh market. In the raid, hundreds of government documents, land freeze papers, seals of officers, passbooks, laptops, printers, computers were recovered related to the filing of the Zonal Office. Sadar SDM Dr. Pradeep Kumar said that the investigation report will be handed over to the DM, after which further action will be taken. Currently, an FIR has been registered against the teacher and the police team is conducting raids to arrest him.

Raids to arrest the accused

In the whole matter, DM Dr. Naval Kishore Chowdhary said that the police are continuously raiding to arrest the teacher. On the other hand, how the land was sold and its deposit was also done from the circle office, which officers and employees played a role in this. Is. To investigate this, a team of three officers has been formed, which will investigate the case of rejection of filings and cancellation of deposits made in the last 1 year from the Zonal Office.

BJP’s state vice-president Mithilesh Tiwari described the exploits of land mafia as surprising. He said that if this condition continues, the collectorate of Gopalganj and Patna’s Gandhi Maidan will sell the land mafia and the officials will not even know about it.

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