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Angelina Pivarnick: I’m having really good sex these days! (But not with Vinny!)

As previously reported, Angelina Pivarnick is single.

And, as we can now confirm, Angelina Pivarnick has been having a blast lately while socializing.

The Jersey Shore star split from her husband Chris Larangeira several months ago… following a rocky end to their union that included accusations of cheating on both sides.

It got pretty ugly at the end.

At various points, Pivarnick also made it clear that she and Chris hadn’t slept together in a long time before the conclusion of their marriage, even attending sex therapy to try to improve things in this area.

The attempts failed.

But now that Angelina is back on the market?

Looks like she’s succeeding in the bedroom once again!

In the second part of this season’s reunion special, Pivarnick was asked what her sex life is like now that she and Chris are officially divorced.

“I’m having sex now. And it’s really good,” she responded on Thursday night, before clarifying that none of it was with co-star Vinny Guadagnino.

In fact, there had been talk that Angelina and Vinny were a couple.

Or at least that they were boned from time to time.

In the aforementioned episode, Pivarnick added that she’s not necessarily dating someone seriously at the moment, but instead is “enjoying the single life.”

Elsewhere on stage, Angelina’s colleagues and friends were asked if they realized how bad things were between Pivarnick and her ex before they split.

“I feel like we knew it was bad and we were just waiting for her to admit it,” Deena Nicole Cortese replied.

Added Snooki:

“I think we were also happy that she said, I’m done, I’m moving on, I’m going to be happy for myself, so we’re happy for her.”

From there, Angelina admitted:

“Going through that behind closed doors, I was trying to keep that away from you guys a little bit, because it was really that bad.

Going to them and finally being able to say, ‘This is what’s going on and this is not good,’ is something I needed.”

As for the speculation that she hooked up last year with “All Star Shore” co-star Luis “Potro” Caballero?

“Honestly, my sex life is my business,” Angelina said, prompting Pauly D to exclaim:

“Not on a reality show!”

Finally, choosing her words carefully, Angelina said she “didn’t have sex with that man” while filming All Star Shore.

However, what about other men on the show? No comment, friends.


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